Sunday, July 31, 2011

Why Was I too Afraid to do this all Along!

I know I said I would post everyday about something new I tried or a new place I found and today is no different except that I didn't actually start doing this new activity today. It has been a few weeks since I have started but it is something new that I have really started to enjoy. I'm talking about biking. Yes, I did have a bike as a child and drove it everyday but for almost twenty years, until recently, I either walked or drove in a car to get everywhere. I never thought to get into biking again, I was just not interested. I also didn't have any extra cash to get back into it. A few days after I moved back to Nova Scotia, I paid a visit to my dad and noticed he had a brand new, hardly-used, state-of-the-art mountain bike stowed away in his storage room. I knew it wasn`t being used because it was collecting a lot of dust and the tires were flat so I inquired about it. The bike belonged to my sister who used it a few times on some trails when she lived in Newfoundland but when she moved back here, she just lost interest and stored it at dad`s. A quick phone call to my sister ended with me being the proud new owner of a new bike without having to pay a cent! I took it back to my house and put some air in the tires, lowered the seat and bought a new helmet and lock for it and than it just sat in the shed for a few weeks. I know they say you never forget how to ride a bike but I was terrified to get on it! After some encouragement from my friend who was looking for a buddy to go riding with, I finally started small. Driving up and down the driveway and than eventually on the straight stretch in front of the house. Finally, I decided to go for my first long-distance ride into town and back and when I got back home, I was left wondering "why have I been walking and using a car to get everywhere when I can ride a bike and have fun, save money and get a good workout all at the same time"? Now I try to bike everyday. I hear there are lots of trails that I didn't even know existed in the area around where I live so you will be reading about those adventures in the near future! Biking - Canada Trails Cycling the Cabot Trail Pedal and Sea Adventures Velo Cape Breton

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