Sunday, January 9, 2011

Well, This is the End my Friends...The End of an Era

The end is near now. This is my last full day in St. John's as a resident of Bond St. I think the reality of it is finally settling in. The reality that today is the last time I will see my friends in a long time, that they will no longer be only a few miles away and I will have to be happy with the odd phone call. The reality that as of 7:30 tomorrow morning, I will no longer be a tenant in this apartment. The reality that tonight is the last night I will ever sleep in my room with the blue walls. The reality that very early tomorrow morning I will board the bus that will take me closer to where I don't really want to be but have no choice at this time. Everything I do in this apartment today will be the last time. I have no choice but to let go, move on, say goodbye and hope I am headed towards good things in the near future. In forty-eight hours I will be far away from here in another province away from the city I have come to love. Although I am returning to the town where I was born and raised, I barely remember what my life there was like before I moved to Newfoundland. The Rock has become my home and will always be a part of me no matter where I end up!

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