Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A Book Review of "Ashes" by Steven Manchester


A novel by Steven Manchester

Ashes is one of those books that pretty much anyone can relate to in some way.  Whether you have siblings or don't have siblings we all have someone in our life that we parted ways with for one reason or another.  And many of us long to rekindle that relationship by putting the past to rest and forgetting whatever it was that caused the rift in the first place.  The only problem is, most of us don't know how to do this and end up regretting waiting so long after it's too late.  That is, unless fate intervenes and does the hard work like with the main characters in this book.
While the main characters - brothers Jason and Tom - were estranged for some years, a major family event brings them back together in a huge way that sees them spending more time together than either of them wishes.  The reader follows the adventure they embark on in amusement and as it unfolds, we watch as two brothers who were enemies for years become friends again.  Throughout the whole ordeal, we see true feelings that had been buried for years come back to the surface and we see insulting jabs turn into brotherly teasing and we see ourselves in some way or other as we all have, at one time or another, been estranged from someone we want to reunite with but don't know how.  This heart-warming account of a reunion between two people who drifted apart offers the reader a wide range of emotions from sad to angry to happy.  Life's trials and errors separated them and those same trials and errors brought them back together through a common ground they always shared.  As the brothers start to reminisce about the good and the bad of their upbringing, it is that foundation they started out with that kept them attached through their years of separation even if it was by very little.
Ashes is far from predictable and far from typical.  From start to finish, there are twists and turns and lots of surprises.


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