Saturday, April 9, 2016

Possible Travel Plans for this Spring/Summer/Fall - Help me Decide!!!

It's that time of year again. I'm about to be laid off from my seasonal office job and have some spare time coming up where I can travel almost anywhere I want and can't decide where to go. I have ideas. That's the problem. I have too many ideas. I'd like to say I've made progress in my planning but, alas, I've not. I have a list. Yes a list of places I would like to see. And that's all. At least I have a list...a list that I can't seem to narrow down. Perhaps you, my loyal reader, can help me.  Ok so let me give you a run down of my choices first and we'll go from there.

1) St. John's, Newfoundland - I used to live in this wonderful city and love it and miss IT dearly.  I haven't been back there is more than two years so I was thinking perhaps I should make a visit this year.  If I do, this would be a small trip and I would go somewhere else too which takes us to trip option #2 which could very well be an excellent choice for a side trip from St. John's.
2) St. Pierre et Miquelon -Also known as France in North America are a series of small islands in the middle of the North Atlantic off Newfoundland that I've had my eye on for quite some time.  If I were to go there, I would either fly from Sydney, Cape Breton via Air St. Pierre or I would take the Newfoundland Ferry to Argentia, spend a few days visiting friends in St. John's and grab a shuttle to the ferry in Fortune that goes to St. Pierre.

3) Scotland (and possibly Ireland, Wales or England because they are so close) - I have a number of reasons for wanting to visit Scotland.  For one (and probably the most influential reason) I am of Scottish ancestry and would like to visit the land where my ancestors came from. Plus everyone else in my family has been there and loved it so I know I will too.  I want to see the rolling grass hills, the castles, the sparkling lochs and maybe even meet some distant cousins who share my last name.  I also like the idea of visiting another continent besides North America and Europe seems like a great place to start for a first overseas trip.

4) New Zealand - A destination that has been at the top of my bucket list since I was a child.  It has all of the qualities I like in a destination and everyone I know who has been there loved it and recommended it as a top destination.  The only downfall for this trip would be the expense.  Flights are very expensive and I hear everything else in the country is too.  Time may also end up being another factor as I have so much going on at home with moving and family visits etc that I would not be able to put the time needed aside to really enjoy New Zealand.  I think a minimum of two weeks is needed to really get something out of a trip that far away from home but who knows I might decide to take the plunge and go anyway!

5) Alberta - Specifically the areas spanning Canmore to Jasper National Park and that is because I have one sister living in Canmore and another one living in Jasper. I like to travel to a new location every year but I haven't been to the Rockies in 7 years and with both sisters living here, I think perhaps it might be time to make another visit to the region.  Besides, it's not like I won't be getting a quality vacation; after all, I am the one who cried the first time I laid eyes on those mountains while driving in a long stretch of highway leading out of Calgary and into that vast Canadian Wilderness.
Alright, so there you have it.  My list of potential destinations to travel to this spring/summer/fall.  My criteria for travel this year is as follows:
-Money is an issue this year due to a big move from one place to another and major car repairs.
-Time is also an issue this year due to having to move and working two jobs and not being able to get too much time off.  Ten days would be my max for travel this year.
-Much of July and August are off the table due to other commitments such as two family reunions and family members coming home for visits.
-The Caribbean region is off-limits this year (and probably for the next few years) simply because I would like to explore other regions of the world and have already been to that region several times.

So I think you have enough information to help you help me make this most important decision.  Perhaps you have another idea that I didn't list or maybe you've been to one or more of the ones I listed and can share your positive or negative experience traveling there.  Any tips, suggestions or stories are welcome.  I'm all ears :)

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