Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Book Review of "The Changing Season" by Steven Manchester

The Changing Season

A novel by Steven Manchester

You know how certain songs or pictures can bring back memories of childhood or high school and those memories either make you smile, laugh or cringe? I recently read a book that took me back to that awkward time between childhood and adulthood and had all of those emotions brought back to the surface along with some fond and not-so-fond memories of that tricky life transition. That book is called The Changing Season and was written by Steven Manchester.

Before I even finished the first page of this book, I knew I was in for a good read...and a roller coaster of a read in fact. All the elements that one would expect in a good book are in place early on and take the reader straight through to the finale. The book starts at the end of one era in the characters' lives, takes reader's through the entire next phase of their lives (which is a short but very important one)and ends right before the next stage starts. We have a good indication of what's to come in the characters' lives at the end of the book because the author creates a solid profile for each one - good and bad.

The best thing about thisbook is how I was able to relate to it based on my own experiences at that time in my life and how I was able to look back and finally be able to smile at the realization that everyone was right - things do get better after those awkward years that seem so dramatic and traumatizing to the young and naive.

I love the way the book is laid out and how it follows the various characters lives as they go different ways and childhood friends drift apart.  However, the main character (the one we grow attached to from the start) remains in focus throughout and it's from his view that we see these transformations transpire.

So grab your copy of The Changing Season today and go back in time to a place when all seemed so unattainable and the world seemed to be crashing at your knees....until that one moment when everything fell together and your future lay before you.  Reminisce about those days as you go along for the ride with Billy and his faithful companion Jimmy and Vicki and Charlie and Mark as they maneuver through that last bit of freedom before real life takes over and childhood is left behind for good.

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