Saturday, December 21, 2013

Absolute Paradise

I spent a full week at Anamaya in April and I can honestly say that it was the best place I have ever stayed in all of my travels. Everything was perfect, it was paradise. Anamaya is located on top of a hill above the small village of Montezuma overlooking a spectacular view of the Pacific Coast and surrounding mountains. It was one of the best views I had ever seen! The infinity pool (yes there was a beautiful infinity pool overlooking the ocean and that view) was always clean and refreshing.

I stayed in one of the more affordable rooms in the main house at Anamaya and it was amazing. Comfortable bed, full bathroom, tons of closet space and beautiful patio doors that opened to overlook the ocean...every morning, I awoke to the sun rising over the Pacific.

The service at Anamaya was probably the best service I had ever had anywhere. The staff were amazing, They interacted with guests, they were there to help with anything we needed, they were polite and friendly and you could tell they loved working at Anamaya.

Many activities such as surfing and ziplining were available and every excursion I participated in exceeded my expectations.

The main house was where everyone gathered for meals. Internet, free international calling, snacks and smoothies were available throughout the day and the outside deck area was teh perfect place to meet up with other guests to chat or to spend time reading in a hammock, or sunbathing.

I didn't participate in many of the yoga classes that were held throughout the week but based on my observations and what I heard from other guests, the instructors were very knowledgeable.

Walking around the various houses at Anamaya was an adventure in itself because I never knew what I was going to see! Monkeys, geckos, various tropical birds, iguanas and a strange (but seemingly friendly) raccoon-like creature that often visited me in the evening while I was relaxing in the hammock.

Now for the food...The Most Amazing Food Ever! At 7:00am, a large fruit bowl full of mixed fruit and various dips was placed in the kitchen before morning yoga. At 9:00am, buffet breakfast with a large variety of items served. At 2:00pm, buffet lunch with various wraps and sandwiches and many other items. At 7:00pm, large 3-course dinner served with a different (and absolutely delicious) meal every night. I have honestly never eaten as well I did that week in Montezuma, Costa Rica and the best thing about the food was it was all fresh and organic.

There is so much more I can say about Anamaya but it will take too long! To sum up my review...if you ever find yourself planning a trip to Costa Rica, make Montezuma one of your stops and stay at Anamaya...I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

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