Friday, June 7, 2013

A Broken Camera, A Final Trip into the Village, a Farewell Beach Excursion and...Goodbye Montezuma and Anamaya

Although time seemed to stand still for most of my time in Montezuma, ultimately, my last day there came too quickly. By mid-morning, I was packed and ready to catch my ride back to San Jose the next morning. Getting the packing out of the way early meant I could enjoy the rest of my last day in paradise. Before I set out to enjoy the day, I checked my camera to make sure it was charged. It didn’t turn on, so I plugged the rechargeable battery into the wall while I went downstairs to grab some breakfast.

When I returned a little while later, the battery was charged and the camera was still not working. Panic set in; a broken camera is one of the worse things that can happen on vacation! I tried desperately to get it to work and, by accident, discovered that the camera would turn on if I hit the button that plays back previous pictures and than hit the shutter. It would only turn off if I removed the battery and put it back in and hit the shutter. At least I got it to work even if it was a hassle to turn on and off. There was going to be a farewell bonfire at a beach an hour away for all of us who stayed at Anamaya and I was running late to go into the town of Montezuma one last time and make it back in time.

The ride to the beach was a bumpy and long one. This was the first time I had traveled on the road system outside Montezuma and driving on those deserted, bumpy, gravel roads had me thanking my lucky stars that I did not rent a car and drive from San Jose to Montezuma like I had originally planned. In some places, there was no shoulder, just a steep, long drop into the rainforest below. Combine this with very sharp turns and steep inclines and declines and you have a very dangerous combination. Fortunately, our driver was unnerved by these conditions and got us there without any mishaps except for almost hitting a couple of cows crossing the road.

We didn’t have that bonfire because the beach was practically gone when we arrived because of the abnormally high surf but we did all change into our swimsuits and run into the waves to cool off from the scorching afternoon heat! There was a road running along the beach and I took a long walk to the end of it and admired the beautiful scenery and took advantage of having that place almost all to myself. It was the perfect way to end a perfect week. After a delicious meal of Ceviche, Tacos and beer, we called it a night and piled back into the van. The drive back to Anamaya was even scarier because it was at night…with no street lights.

Back at the house, we were treated to a large dinner complete with wine and probably the most delicious desert I had ever tasted – besides my mom’s blueberry cheesecake of course. The wonderful staff who made my stay at Anamaya so memorable performed a variety show for us to enjoy and than we spent one last evening socializing by the pool. In the morning, a number of people I had come to know so well would be headed off in different directions, back to their lives in cities and countries far away from my own. We had become so close during that week and most likely would never cross paths again. It is a sad thought but, at the same time, a joyful one because I was so fortunate to meet so many great people and spend time with them even if it was for just a short time.

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