Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Book Review of "Goodnight Brian" by Steven Manchester

Goodnight Brian

A novel by Steven Manchester

I recently had the opportunity to read a very good, heartwarming and inspiring book. That book, “Goodnight Brian” really showed how far the love and care one has for another person can go. Brian, who doctors said would never develop mentally and physically, puts his aging grandmother to the ultimate test when she sets out to proof everyone wrong. Although Brian is the main character in which the book surrounds, Mama, as his grandmother is known, is the heart and soul of this story about strength, courage and undying love.

Goodnight, Brian

“Goodnight Brian” is an emotional roller coaster from the start. The anger and sadness following Brian’s illness and leading to his diagnosis. The stress his family endures in the months and years following. The happiness and pride at each milestone Brian passes. And of course, the love Brian’s family, especially Mama, has for him and his success at having a normal life. From the time Brian is diagnosed, Mama, puts most of her own needs aside in order to give him the best life possible despite the obstacles he faces. Her courage and determination dramatically becomes Brian’s courage and determination. After everyone else seems to have given up on Brian ever living a normal, productive life, Mama works hard day and night at trying to proof that even the toughest obstacles can be overcome and the reader is there along the way to watch him grow under the watchful and determined eye of his gradmother. Does she succeed? All I am going to say is that with enough tough love, time, determination and hard work, anything is possible!

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Steve Manchester said...

Many thanks for this wonderful review, and for sharing Goodnight Brian with your readers! I hope they enjoy the book.


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