Sunday, October 28, 2012

Just an Update....

Well, here I am still without internet. I managed to find some time to get to a coffee shop and avail of their wireless services but despite the lack of service at home, I have been kept quite busy these past few weeks. Things got a bit hectic at the end of my time at 2791 Lingan Rd. The day before we were supposed to vacate the property and have everything out, it still looked like a tornado had struck but with a few helpful neighbors with trucks and an extension that allowed us to have the entire next day to get everything out, we managed to have the place completely cleared by 5PM that day. I tried not to get emotional when the time came to leave for good but I just couldn’t hold it back no matter how hard I tried. I mean, I did spend my entire childhood there and it was really the only home I ever knew not to mention the memories attached to the house and the familiar surroundings that I could always retreat back to even after I went into the world on my own.

This past week, I found myself with a slightly difficult adjustment but not as hard as I thought it would be. I am still in Lingan at a house a few doors down from 2791 and have finally reorganized myself somewhat with pretty much everything I need to sustain a comfortable living with me and the rest in storage for the time being. I am staying with a friend for now until I find my own place closer to work. Speaking of work, I started that new job I mentioned in the last post and it is going very well although the adjustment from full-time freelancer working from home on my own hours to full-time 8-hour work days on someone else's schedule has been a bit trying. I am used to working at my own pace for as long or as little as I want each day and have done this for a little over two years after loosing my job in St. John’s and moving back to Nova Scotia. I now have a serious lack of free time but a few good things are already coming out of it; my hectic schedule means I am not sitting at my computer eating junk food and drinking wine in the evenings and this means I have already lost a few pounds of that little bit of extra weight I was carrying around since last winter. The biggest adjustment will, no doubt, be the lack of free time I will have to spend writing but having a job outside the house for a while will allow me to at least branch out and learn some new things, meet some new people, make some new contacts and spend some time outside of the confines of my room which I spent numerous hours holed up in trying to meet various deadlines to make a few extra bucks to keep me afloat while I searched for a “real” job.

Despite being so busy lately, I did manage to do the one thing that I absolutely cannot miss every Fall; a drive around the Cabot Trail. I went later in the season this time but, for some reason, the leaves are staying on the trees longer than normal and the colors seem to be brighter than in the past. I picked the best possible day to go too! The weather was perfect with a cloudless sky and temperatures hovering around 15 degrees the entire day! This past Saturday was the Annual Halloween dance at the Lingan Hall so I also made some time to put a quick costume together and enjoy the weekend with friends and a few drinks before starting a new week off with my first official day at the new job after a week of training.

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