Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Traveler's Mid-Winter Night's Dream

First and foremost, I consider myself a traveler. While it is true I have only been to three countries so far and I have yet to venture away from the North American Continent, I have explored these three countries quite thoroughly in recent years and I continue to explore my backyard and beyond through these tough economic times. After all, to be a traveler does not necessarily mean traveling far as long as you are traveling wide and continuing to explore and learn everyday. I see this as just a temporary stall on my future travel plans to explore the Caribbean, South America, Europe and parts of Asia in the near future.

One country that I have been learning a lot about lately is the Czech Republic and the more I learn about this country in Central Europe, the more I want to go there! Why would I like to go there? There are so many reasons, I don't know where to begin!

Lets see. There is the fact that the small country is home to more than 1000 castles and I love castles! I can see myself now, exploring the long corridors and admiring the ancient artifacts that once belonged to a long-ago resident. What fun I would have just being surrounded by all that romanticism, history, culture and architecture so old and sturdy and well-built that it cannot even be compared to anything we build today!

While I state that I am, first and foremost a traveler, my freelance work as a travel writer and photographer is my bread and butter. Writing is a passion of mine and one of the first things I would do if I ever made it to the Czech Republic is indulge in some Czech literature and learn more about the many great authors who penned famed works, both past and present. Franz Kafta, Karel Capek, Vladimir Holen and Milan Kundera are but just a few of the Czech authors from the last century that I am familiar with but I have so much more to learn. Maybe I could even pick up on a bit of the language while I am at it! Other areas of the arts and the culture of the country are of great interest to me. When I visit a new place, I love to indulge in everything local. I want to eat what the locals eat, I want to listen to what the locals listen to, I want to dress the way the locals dress and I want to live the way the locals live. But one thing I would do that is quite different from something the locals do is act like a tourist and explore the little tucked away places that locals tend to take for granted and what better place to start than in the capital city of Prague.

Prague is, no doubt, an influential city in Central Europe and the entire world. Its old-world charm with a healthy dose of modern services and attractions is appealing to me as a history buff, an adventurer and a constant learner. A city with a history that goes back 1,100 years is my kind of city! I can imagine myself wandering the old streets and admiring the ancient buildings that stood the test of time and conflict. I can feel the excitement of exploring the many museums that hold the city's long and turbulent history. I can see myself sitting in a downtown cafe, admiring the urban scenes around me as I sip on a local blend and chow down on a locally made treat.

And Prague would be just the beginning. What about wandering the rolling hills of the Bohemian region in the west, admiring the mountainous terrain in the west, boating on the Morava River, exploring the thick, vast forests that Central Europe is known for or viewing the wild animals and plant life that make this beautiful country home. There is just too much to mention. The Czech Republic is a real dream come true for this photographer, writer, history buff and nature lover!


Robert Bourne said...

as an old traveler... I say enjoy... :)

The Epic Adventurer said...

I used to live in Prague briefly, if you want any advice please let me know! I absolutely love that city, it so laid back. And the people are truly friendly, though they are known for being reserved until they get to know you. I really have to recommend getting out of Praha 1-2, and going to Andel, Holesovice, and all those other neighborhoods. Truly, ONLY tourists hang out in the fairytale-looking districts; it's sad but most Czechs cannot afford it and it's not at all a glimpse into "real" life. (If you want to know more, find me at -- that wasn't jsut to plug my blog, I promise!)

Mental Mosaic said...

I'm very curious about Prague, I must say and can certainly relate to your wanderlust! :)

Thanks for submitting this post to the Traveler's Show & Tell over at Mental Mosaic: Even Home is a Travel Destination. I hope to see you there again. :)

I hope you check out the other posts and will leave comments on their blogs, too.


Alex said...

Hi, guys,

I live in Prague. And will be happy to help with advice or information. Let me know.
you can see some of my pictures on this blog



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