Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thinking About that Trip I Plan to Take with my Air Miles Again

Not much has been happening around here lately. The weather is colder, the bike is put away, the winter clothes are out and there is less sunlight. The skates and snowshoes are out too but we are in an awkward weather stage here where it is too cold to do much outdoors but there is no snow to enjoy the cold weather sports I can't wait to indulge in once we do finally get some snow. Hopefully we at least get a dusting for Christmas!

What has really been on my mind lately is that trip I have been meaning to take for months now. The one I want to take with all those air miles I have been collecting for more than a decade. I figure that since I am unemployed now and have the free time, now would be the best time to go. After all, I will be back full swing into the job search soon and no employer is going to want to give me a week off to go frolicking in the sun somewhere after I have only been working there for a few weeks or months! Once I get the final loose ends tied up in Newfoundland and bring Captain Jack home and get the rest of my belongings out of my friend's storage room, I will be free and careless for a while. The only problem is I can't decide where to go! I have it narrowed down to a few destinations:
South Africa
Costa Rica
one of a number of European countries

Today I narrowed it down even more when I outweighed the good against the bad of each potential destination. California and Montana are in the United States and I have already traveled to the states numerous times and would like to see other countries. They are also close to where I am and can be done at another time since the airfare would not be very expensive anyway. I was thinking about camping and hiking around Hawaii but than came to my senses and realized that that is probably not a good trip to take alone and on a strict budget. South Africa and Costa Rica are probably too far to be covered by my frequent flyer miles and, although Europe has many deals when it comes to flights and the miles used to get to certain countries, everything else is too expensive for my current budget. So that leaves me with Cuba. Its another country and another culture but it is still fairly close and can be done cheaply. So it looks like I will be possibly taking a trip to Cuba in the near future. Or I could just keep saving my miles for a few more years and have enough to go somewhere further like Australia or New Zealand and hope in the meantime that my miles do not expire!

I welcome suggestions if you have any idea where I could go on a small budget. Somewhere relatively safe, of course, since I will be on my own!

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