Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Week in Review......storms, meteor showers and beaches!

So I haven't really lived up to that last promise I made to make at least three posts a week but this time I have a good reason; I didn't do anything blog-worthy this week! A strong nor'easter blew through here and caused some nasty weather that kept me indoors most of the week. Yeah, I know.....that is not a very good reason because I still have four-months packed with tons of things I did over the summer behind me and have not blogged about any of it yet. I guess this past week would have been a good time to do that seeing as how I was in the house all week! Seriously though, I was quite busy trying to sort out some things with my life and working on some writing I was behind on and since I knew that today was going to be a warm and sunny day, I tried to get as much of the things I needed to do out of the way so I could get in some beach time while the weather is still nice. I spent the entire afternoon at Dominion Beach walking the boardwalk and looking for interesting shells and rocks. In fact, it turned out to be warmer and sunnier than what was predicted. 25 degrees to be exact. Now, any of you folks reading this who live in more southern climates may balk at that and think 25 degrees (Celsius, that is, for anyone living south of the Canadian border) is not all that hot but, trust me, that is very hot this far north this late in the year. In fact, it was so hot that I was even able to wade knee-deep in the Atlantic Ocean and the water actually felt warm. A bizarre phenomenon indeed considering that in years past, there has been snow on the ground this time of year! Ok, enough with the excuses for not blogging enough.....I managed to get this post written even though it is a beautiful evening with a full moon in the sky with not a breath of wind and I should be having a bonfire on a beach somewhere.

Speaking of beautiful evenings....after the remnants of that storm died off yesterday, it turned out to be a nice evening and it happened to coincide with the Draconid meteor shower. I had heard that it was supposed to be quite a show with 600 to 1000 meteors streaking through the sky each hour so I found myself a dark spot with a clear view of the night sky and watched. And watched and watched and watched. A few hours and a severely sore neck later, I finally caught a glimpse of a fast-moving, dim streak coming from the west! It must have been a least that is what I am saying after spending an entire evening looking at the sky. It could very well have just been my eyes playing tricks on me. Disappointment grew upon hearing that the height of the shower was in fact hours earlier in the afternoon Atlantic Standard Time. Darn it! Had I known this, I could have hopped on a plane and planted myself on the other side of the world in the middle of the Australian Outback and caught a glimpse of more than just one measly, faded blur. Luckily, I still have a chance of getting in a good meteor shower this year because there are four more coming up before the year ends! One more this month, two in November and one in December.

Well, that has been my week in review. This week proves to be just as busy so I am not going to make any promises to post anything for at least a few days. Tomorrow will be spent catching up on some work and, since it is supposed to be a nice day again, spending some time outdoors. On Tuesday, I will be hitting the road for the last road trip of the year. The leaves are changing colors and a trip around the Cabot Trail is in order! After all, the Cabot Trail is one of the top destinations in North America for seeing fall colors and the weather is supposed to be fine so maybe I will get in some more beach time too! As for the rest of the week beyond that? Who knows! The only thing I know is as long as the weather stays like this, I will be not be spending much time on my laptop!

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