Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Joys of Exploring my own Backyard

My parents built the house I am living in now about twenty-five years ago. It sits on a fairly large plot of land and although I spent a lot of time in the yard over the last two and half decades, I never really got to know it as thoroughly as I have over the last few months. Instead of just walking around it or sitting on the step reading a book, I recently took to just sitting in various places in the yard watching and photographing the different animal, bird and plant species. When I first started doing this, the first thing I noticed was the smell of the roses and the lilacs. You wouldn't think that such small plants could cause an aroma strong enough to smell all throughout the property but if you stand long enough in one place, it hits you! This aroma drew me to the edge of the forest where I found some more things I had never taking notice of before. There are a few Beachnut trees and raspberry bushes in the back and sometimes I even see animals wandering about. I have spotted deer, fox, racoon, bobcat, squirrel, chipmunk rabbit and coyote. If I sit for a while and just listen, I can hear the faint, eerie howls of those distant coyotes getting ready for the evening hunt. I tend to wander back into the house not soon after hearing that sound! If I feel brave enough, sometimes I wander onto the wood paths behind the clothesline and see if I can see anything back there. When I was a child, my sisters and I had some tree houses in there and twenty-some years later, I still come across some of the toys we lugged into the woods or the ones that were taken away from the yard by playful foxes who didn't think to return them to us when they were done with them. There are also a lot of insects around my yard too. I mean, there are insects everywhere but I never really cared to stop long enough to actually just watch them. It may surprise you, but photographing them can be quite fun and challenging! I'm not really sure what motivated me to start wandering aimlessly around my backyard. Maybe it is the fact that I have been without a vehicle for a while now and have no choice but to stick around here and find things to do. Whatever the reason, I am glad I did. Someday I may be living in a big city again and I will be wishing I had a big beautiful country backyard to wander around in!,_Nova_Scotia

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Go Green! said...

It sounds like you are really connecting with your "roots"! Beautiful photos!


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