Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Annual Port Morien Summer People Festival

So it turned out to be a somewhat nice day today. It was sunny and warm but still not warn enough to spend an entire day at the beach. That being said, I did make my way to Dominion Beach early this morning and enjoyed a nice stroll on the boardwalk and along the water while sipping my morning coffee. I spent the rest of the afternoon catching up on some things and got started on packing for my upcoming camping trip and when I got bored of that, I jumped in the car and took a drive over to Port Morien to check out the Annual Summer People Festival. Every summer for the past eleven years, the people of this small community and their development association have taken to creating lawn characters that represent various people and events happening around Canada. The summer people draw in numerous tourists, locals and former residents every year with cars lining up along the street and people crowding the sidewalks of the town taking pictures of the amusing characters in front of houses and businesses along the main street. Immediately, one is able to see the work that goes into this event and the thought put into the individual displays. I decided to park my car and walk along the street with my camera and see for myself what all the excitement was about and I was quite impressed! The town of Port Morien is proud of their unique little festival that has come to be an annual tradition for not only the people who live their but for people all over industrial Cape Breton, many of whom make at least one trip there every year to view the characters along the street who have come to represent summer and festivities in the otherwise sleepy fishing village!,_Nova_Scotia

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Ratty said...

I like this festival. We do a very similar thing where I live during Halloween. Ours is a harvest festival.


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