Friday, July 29, 2011

I Found Another Beach on Cape Breton that I didn't know Existed!

I thought I had already found all the beaches on Cape Breton Island but today, my sister proved me wrong. A day trip to Ingonish was supposed to be a day spent on the local beaches but turned into a rainy day spent in the car driving around aimlessly until we got bored of that and decided to drive deeper into the Cape Breton Highlands National Park towards Cheticamp. On the way, my sister mentioned that someone had taken her to a beach in Cape North Near the Hideaway Campground and Oyster Market. I remembered seeing the sign for this place many times on my drives through the area but had never ventured down the gravel road to the campground and market. I had no idea there was a beach there until today and jumped at the chance to see it! We drove down the road for about ten minutes until we came to a parking area and walked to the rest of the way to the ocean. Sure enough, there was a long, sandy beach at the end of the foot path! It was not much different from the other beaches I have seen in the area but there was one peculiar that made it stand out from the rest; tall cliffs with lots white lines of gypsum running through them! We stuck around there are walked the beach and took pictured for a while since the rain had stopped and than made our way onto Cheticamp to search for a fin whale that was said to have washed up on a beach there. We didn't find it but we grabbed some coffees to go and headed back over the mountains towards Ingonish and spent the rest of the evening eating fries in the dry car in the parking lot at Ingonish Beach.

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