Thursday, July 28, 2011

Enough with the Excuses....time to get back at this!

I realize that I have not been posting nearly enough over the last few months and I keep coming up with excuses for reasons why I am not posting! While it is true that I am quite busy, in reality, it only takes a little bit of time each day to post something interesting on here so I came up with a technique to help me make at least one post a day providing I have a readily available internet connection. My plan is simple. Do something new and different every day and write about it! Not only will this get me into the habit of posting as much as possible and to stop coming up with excuses, it will also encourage me to get out more and try new things and see new places! Coincidentally, I happen to be going somewhere new tomorrow so you should see another post from me before the end of the day Friday!


Josh said...
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Anonymous said...

My bad. I was trying to leave a comment with my user name. Oops! I was SAYING, I also have trouble keeping a regular posting schedule. I am so happy to see you deciding to do something about it! And what better way to do something awesome everyday! Good luck! I look forward to reading all about your adventures!



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