Saturday, February 19, 2011

Oscar the Squirrel

Not much has changed or happened since my last post. I am still In Cape Breton, I am still missing St. John's and I am still a little confused over what my next step should be. The house I am staying at for now is located kinda in the middle of nowhere and I have no car so I have not been doing or seeing very much. My life is certainly not as busy or exciting as it was when I was living in St. John's, but the slow pace is a welcome break for a change and a little critter has been a daily source of amusement for me. Since I have been here, we have been putting out bread crumbs and nuts for the birds. About two weeks ago, I noticed a little squirrel munching on this food that was intended for the birds and he seemed to enjoy it. The squirrel began hanging around the front step more and soon, I started to put a few nuts for him too. I guess he thought this food was magically appearing before him or falling out of the sky or something because he started staking out the area around the front of the house and it became his territory. No other squirrels were allowed to come near him and his food. The little squirrel caught on and to make it easier on him, he dug a hole in the snow on the side of the house and that is where he has been ever since. I kind of consider him my new pet and even gave him a name; Oscar. Every morning, I stake out at the dining room table with my laptop where there is a window overlooking Oscar's territory. I see everything he does throughout the day and have almost worn out my camera taking pictures and videos of him! It is so fun to much Oscar darting around and sticking his head in and out of the snow looking for food and than carrying it off to be stashed in his cozy little home.


Con Artist Trickster said...

What a cute little squirrel Oscar is. I just hope all those snow is not too cold for him and it's good that you putting out bread crumbs for him and the birds, since it looks like they really need them amid the cold weather.

sarah said...

so cute! i wish we have one here in the Philippines. Imma name it mary joy:)


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