Thursday, March 12, 2009

I finally booked my trip to Las Vegas!

After talking about it, researching it and debating about it, my sister and I finally booked our Spring trip! We were undecided where to go and had our sights on many destinations like Cuba, Hawaii, Europe and St. Lucia. We decided against Cuba because it was suggested we get vaccinations and Hawaii and Europe were way over our budgets. A vacation sale in our local newspaper caught our attention; Las Vegas flight plus hotel for $700.00 per person. Taxes included! We discussed it and decided that’s where we will go. I submitted an application for a password and we officially booked the trip for April 13th. We’ll be staying at the Luxor and taking in some tours of The Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam and Death Valley plus I’m sure we’ll do a little gambling! We missed out on the Cirque De Soleil promotion by a day but I’m sure we’ll find some other decently price shows to attend. Now, I just have to sit back and wait until the day when I can get away for a week and meet my sister in the Vegas Airport for a week full of fun and adventure in the big city! If you are planning a trip to Las Vegas, a good site to check out is This is where we found those great tours that we were able to book!


Dwacon® said...

Have fun!

Ann said...

Have a great trip! Will this be your first trip to Vegas?

I seen the Grand Canyon last year, with snow. What a sight to see, literally!


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