Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I finally took a photography course!

In September I signed up for a short photography course at Memorial University. I was a little worried about the cost of it but figured since it is something I am interested in, it would be worth it. Well, I finished the course on Sunday and it was definitely worth the money! I learned a lot of new techniques that will help me to take better pictures including lighting, composition, and editing techniques. My camera is a lot less intimidating to me now that I know what all the buttons are for! I always used Photoshop and think it is a great program for editing but now I like it even more since I learned some secrets I was not aware of! I also got to meet some people who had similar interests as me and on Sunday we took a field trip around the lake by the university to practice our new-found skills. It rained most of the day but I still managed to get some nice pics of the area and the last of the fall colors before the snow starts falling and we spotted a weasel running around our equipment! He wasn’t hard to spot because he already had his winter coat on and was all white. Poor thing stuck out against the brown ground! One other trick I learned was how to photograph moving water. I always wondered how professional photographers managed to make waterfalls look so smooth and my pics always looked awful. Well now I know how to do it. It’s so simple! Its just unfortunate that I didn’t know this when I was on vacation this summer. I visited dozens of waterfalls in Nova Scotia and Alberta and took many pictures, but none of them came out they way I wanted them too. I’ll be prepared next year when my dad and I finally take that hike to North River Falls, the highest falls in Nova Scotia. I didn’t manage to upload the pictures from the course to my computer yet but I’ll post them shortly. Now I’m just waiting to hear about the next course that will be offered. I hear that they will be offering a course in Winter Photography. That should be interesting!

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